One group, one entity

Even after 50 years of work in construction and steel structure manufacturing, Tremblay Group still benefits from an excellent reputation. In 2005, this firm decided to change their image. At this time, they joined their 3 divisions, Welding JM Tremblay (SJMT), St-Anicet Installations (ISTA) and St-Anicet Sandblasting (SSTA), to form one entity, the Tremblay Group.

Quality politics

The quality of our services is always verified and validated continuously in order to eliminate waste and optimize production. This is true for the fabrication of cathodic plates, the fabrication of steel frames, the industrial sanding as well as the specialized cleaning operations. The entire principles of the quality norm are applicable to all the activity areas of Tremblay Group. In every division we find this logo: “Quality is our responsibility”.

Anticipate the future

South America, the United States and other countries are focal points for products commercialized by Tremblay Group. Their goal is to become a worldwide trendsetter, as much for the quality of their products, as for their outstanding customer service.

Preparing the next generation

Group Tremblay cannot anticipate the future without preparing for expansion. A priority of this firm’s management team is to judiciously hire new qualified staff, such as engineers, technicians, designers, project managers and supervisors with whom they will share their experience and knowledge.

In conclusion

The commitment and creativity of the shareholders, the executives and the employees has contributed and still contribute to the success of the firm. They remind us of the importance that this relationship has had in the evolution of this company.